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By clicking on my referral link provided above you will be forwarded to the Tesla website with the referral benefits according to your location already applied. The referral benefits change constantly, so have a look what my referral link has to offer. Works globally!

These are the current Tesla Referral Benefits:

Tesla Semi Truck

In addition to what Tesla Motors has to offer, by using my referral you may also get a chance to experience the unbelievable acceleration of the new Tesla Roadster that takes it to a whole new level:

Tesla Roadster

For this to come reality I have to reach the required number of referred vehicle purchases to be eligible for a free Tesla Roadster, that will not become available before 2020, in which case I will take it on a road trip across Europe and visit those who used my referral for their vehicle purchase for a first hand experience. Therefore you have to be located in Europe and let me know your own referral code once it has been assigned after the vehicle purchase by using the Tell A Friend form at the bottom of this page (by inserting your referral code and your own email address instead of your friend's name and email address).


You have reached the right place for receiving additional benefits when buying a new Tesla Model S, Model X or Model 3 from Tesla Motors (now officially named Tesla Inc. but usually referred to just as Tesla).

What is this all about?

Tesla Motors usually does not give any discounts and they do not have a regular dealership network like other car manufacturers. All Tesla stores belong to Tesla Motors itself, so you are purchasing from the manufacturer directly. As a strict policy, not even employees of Tesla Motors or its Co-Founder and CEO Elon Musk himself will get a discount when purchasing a vehicle.

So how do I get any additional benefits then?

The key here is the Tesla referral program with changing benefits for a limited period of time.

And how does this work?

Click on my referral link provided above and you will be forwarded to the Tesla website to design your Tesla Model S, Model X or Model 3 with the current benefits already applied. It does not get any easier than that!

If you want to place your order personally in a Tesla store, please show my following referral code to your Tesla sales advisor to get your referral benefits applied:


A referral works on a new order and inventory cars, but not on a CPO (= Certified Pre-Owned) one.

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